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  • Lyndon George

Hamilton Police Service Releases 2022 Hate Crime Statistics


April 25, 2023

HAMILTON- We see a trend in the second year of the pandemic that shows a surge of hate in Hamilton. The increased targeting of Black, Jewish, and 2S&LGBTQIA communities is an alarming rise of racism, antisemitism, homophobia, and extremism. As an organization focused on supporting individuals impacted by racism, we receive the phone calls, emails, reports, and walk-ins from individuals struggling with the daily impact of hate. The data represents the lived experiences of racism and the fear that comes with it.

The Hamilton Police Service Hate Crime Statistic 2022 Report saw a 61% increase in the number of hate/bias incidents and criminal offences compared to 2021. Yet, we know these numbers are under reported and that affected communities require support, resources, and diverse avenues to share their experiences. We must also recognize the need for action to address the role that white supremacy, far-right extremism, and online disinformation plays in the cycle of perpetuating hate in our city.

The Hamilton Anti-Racism Resource Centre (HARRC) is committed to advancing education about race, racism, discrimination, racial equality, and anti-racist theory and practice in Hamilton. The organization does so by holding workshops, programs, and events, and offering support services to the community. HARRC directly supports affected members of our community by receiving complaints about racism and referring complainants to appropriate community resources.

If you require assistance, please visit for more information.


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