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Community petition to support legislation that prevents the promotion of hate symbols. 

On April 28th, 2022 - Hamilton Police released a report indicating a 35% increase in reported hate crime incidents during 2022. Just a couple of days prior, Hamilton community members began expressing their concerns regarding the display of a confederate flag on private property, and are calling on leaders in the community to take action against the promotion of hate in Hamilton.

We urge members of the Hamilton community to support the implementation of legislation that prevents the promotion of hate symbols such as nazi symbols, homophobic signs, confederate flags, etc. We call on our elected officials to support Bill C-229 which prevents anyone from selling and displaying symbols that promote hatred and violence against identifiable groups.

Condemning hate and oppression in our community is not enough - we are calling for community leaders to take action and ensure that our communities are safe in all aspects of community life.

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