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  • Lyndon George

Hamilton Black Community Members Call for Independent Anti-Racism Advisory Committee in Response to Hamilton Police's Race Identity-Based Data Strategy

Updated: Mar 4

FEBRUARY 14, 2024

HAMILTON – Due to recent developments regarding the Hamilton Police Service's Race Identity-Based Data Strategy, members of the Hamilton Black community have come together to release a letter addressed to the Chief of Police, the Hamilton Police Board and the Mayor. The letter calls for the establishment of an independent anti-racism advisory committee to provide oversight and guidance on matters examining discriminatory practices related to the Use of Force, racial profiling, and systemic racism within the police service.

The Hamilton Black community recognizes the importance of collecting data to address systemic racism and discrimination. However, concerns have been raised regarding the lack of transparency concerning the formation of the HPS Community Advisory Panel Selection Process. As such, community members are advocating for the creation of an independent advisory committee comprised of diverse stakeholders to ensure accountability and fairness in the implementation of the Race Identity-Based Data Strategy.

"We believe that an independent anti-racism advisory committee is necessary to safeguard the rights and interests of our community," said Lyndon George, Executive Director of the Hamilton Anti-Racism Resource Centre and a member of the Hamilton Black community. "It is imperative that those most impacted by racial profiling have a seat at the table and are actively involved in shaping policies and practices within the police service."

The letter outlines several key proposals, including:

  1. Steered by an independent anti-racism committee composed of diverse community members who live or work in Hamilton and are referenced in the HPS Use of Force Report. The anti-racism committee should be tasked with creating an evaluation matrix and formulating questions for the application, contributing to a structured and comprehensive community selection process.

  2. Adopts an application process used by the City of Hamilton appointments to Boards and Agencies, as not all community members may be comfortable with an application process hosted by the Hamilton Police Service.

  3. No HPS involvement in the anti-racism committee selection process. A hands-off approach to the selection process is central to maintaining independence and objectivity throughout the RIBD Strategy

  4. The role of the Hamilton Police Service would be as non-voting members

The Hamilton Black community urges the Chief of Police and the Hamilton Police Board to consider their recommendations seriously and to prioritize the establishment of an independent anti-racism advisory committee as a necessary step toward building trust, transparency and accountability. 


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